"Just Finished The Course and it's AMAZING! The strategies and risk management rules are clear and easy to follow. my confidence and discipline have improved so much. Thanks Alot Guys!!"

"I've absolutely love this course! You guys have really put in the effort for it. The risk management section was a game-changer for me. I've been trading for a while but consistently losing money, not due to a lack of discipline or following rules, but because I never had a solid risk management strategy. Everything I tried just eroded my capital over time. This course opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong, and now I finally why"

Who Is This Course For?

You are unhappy with your current trading and are looking to start with a clean slate, a fresh mindset, and a new approach to your trading.

You are looking for an additional trading methodology to complement your existing strategies.

You are taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps backward all the time.

You're close to consistency, but something is missing.

Your discipline is lacking, and you always seem to break your trading rule.

If any of these apply to you

and your current trading situation then

Meet Your Mentors

About Robert Neal

My name is Robert Neal, I am the Founder of Yorkshire Trading Academy and I’ve been trading the stock markets for over 7 years but investing long term for just shy of 10 years while running multiple businesses.... In the span of 12 months, I was able to turn $10,000 into $100,000 (its all documented on my page) using my high frequency scalping strategy to make +$1,000,000 in Profits now.

I found day trading by chance when I was involved in the underworld and was sentenced to 5 years in prison for Drug dealing. During these 5 years I was able to read, study and learn from those around me, which gave me the insights needed to progress within the world of trading.

I Spent a set amount of time each day to study key elements of the stock market. Reading enabled me to learn from the greatest investors of all time and through that I taught myself everything I needed to know. From there I spent hours trying to read the market so that I could develop my own strategy. Linking this strategy to my own business acumen, gained through running multiple businesses I was able to create the Magic Circle strategy!

Having a belief in my own plan and my system did me wonders, being a successful and profitable trader has allowed me the financial freedom to travel the world with my misses on a monthly basis. The stock market is truly the most powerful tool to create wealth.

I first started my community with 100 people to limit the access and to focus on training them, needless to say the Magic Circle 100 Changed lives, so I then decided to accept another 100 people and as expected the magic circle experiment didn’t just create wealth it also created mentors that are changing other people’s lives, making money is great but creating success stories makes me happier. I won’t stop until I create more stories under my mentorship. THAT’S A PROMISE!!

Now you have the chance to become financially Wealthy. Remember, only you can change your own destiny so it’s time you change yours, Can’t wait to see you in the team

- The Yorkshire Trader

Meet Your Mentors

About Chris Lees

Hi my name is Chris Lees, and i've been trading the stock market since 2018. Am mostly known as “The God of FX” for turning £500 into £100,000 in span of 1 year using my secret strategy.


in the past 4 years I’ve studied how to trade the financial markets using a mixture of technical analysis and fundamentals. My education into trading has cost me in excess of £10k. I have flipped many small accounts into larger accounts which has allowed me to invest the capital into other assets.


 Before I got into trading I ran a very successful Decorating company in the South West of England with a staff size of 15 also employing a large amount of contractors, the work we undertook was everything from new housing developments to large Commercial works, when Covid hit I had to start taking trading more seriously spending days to find the perfect systems that suits me, after hard work and dedication I was able to master my pairs with my own strategy which was a GAME CHANGER!!


Seeing the success ive made and being able to support my family, travel the world and living life to its fullest potential influenced me to teach some of the new traders how to trade properly to avoid some of the mistakes I made.


I changed my destiny now it’s time I change yours, can’t wait to see you in the team 🧿

- "The God of FX" Chris Lees

Meet Your Mentors

About Darren Kearney

My name is Darren Kearney, I’ve been trading in the stock market and forex market for +4 years. People call me “The Market Maker”. Am mostly known for my high reward to risk trades which revolves around the ideas of Smart Money Concept, market maker cycles and institutional orderflow.


I first came across Leverage trading at the end of 2017, where I had a kitchen manufacturing company and was trying to find a way to make money online whilst not being able to operate my own business. neither less I had no choice but to close my business. So, I spent hours and hours each day trying to find the Perfect strategy because I was running out of options. After about 6-8 months of trying every indicator and any strategy, I possibly could. I discovered Smart Money Concepts (SMC) understanding supply and demand, Order blocks and how the banks/institutions’ algorithms work. This was a game changer and The rest was history.


Since then, I have had the pleasure of sitting down with some of the best hedge fund managers and Professional traders to walk through and get in-depth technical that aren’t yet preached about on social media. With this knowledge, I decided to teach and help others who are struggling to become profitable. This has obviously been noticed by a few elite traders like Mr. Robert Who kindly asked for me to be a part of the team. In which I accepted.


Now with an Avengers Team like ours you have the opportunity to change your life and become profitable. can't wait to see you in the team🎱

- "The Market Maker" Darren Kearney

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  Module 4-Risk Management
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  Module 5-Market Structure & Liquidity
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  Module 6-Charting Key Levels and Zones
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  Module 7-The Bible of Price Action
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  Module 8-The Holy Grail of Strategies
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  Module 9-Mechanical Strategies That Are Proven Statistically
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  Module 10-Live Trading
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  Module 11-Making A Routine
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  Module 12-Psychology & Traders Mindset
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Frequently Asked Questions


I am a Day Trader / Swing Trader will this course help me ?

Absolutely, the course covers a lot of concepts that apply to any time frame and to any style of trading.

so it contains both day and swing trading strategies using the new methodology.




I trade Stocks, Indices, Commodities, forex will the lessons still apply?

Whatever market you choose to trade price is still decided by a combination of buyers a sellers.

Each market may have different subtleties and rhythms but all markets respond to price action, supply v demand, money flow and sentiment. 

Understanding price action will help you trade any market where price is derived from free flowing price discovery.




I've been through a lot of courses, is this for new traders ?

Yes, the course is structured to start with foundational concepts, making it suitable for beginners while also offering advanced modules for more experienced traders.

I'm of the firm belief that the earlier you can get into good trading habits the shorter your learning curve, its all about quitting the bad habits cycle and entering the good habits cycle.

If you've been trading for a while and are unhappy with your results so far, this course will help you trade with clarity and allow you to look at the markets though a fresh lens.

if you also tried a lot of courses before this should be the final step because it provides you with multiple systems by 4 mentors that are proven statistically. You will likely already have a style that suits you so you can pick and choose the strategies that compliment with your own trading.




How is the course delivered?

The course is hosted on an E-Learning platform called Teachable.

They handle the secure payments and delivery of the course.

It's on demand video training with occasional Updates.

You get immediate access and you can dip in and out of the course whenever you like on any device.

Take as much or as little time as you need.

Watch sections multiple times or skip modules.

You get unlimited lifetime access which includes all updates.




Is this just for UK/US/EU traders ?

It's for anyone across the globe who is serious about their trading. Any country! (but it is in English...)




Is VAT charged ?

VAT is only charged on purchases from the EU.

If you have a VAT number you can enter it during checkout preceded by a country code and VAT will not be charged.




Is payment secure? How can I pay ?

Payment is very secure,

all billing is handled by Teachable's encrypted billing system via a secure 128-bit SSL encrypted payment.

You can pay via credit card or Apple Pay if you are on an enabled Apple device.




If I need any support can you help me ?

If you have any questions about the course, please email me or message me on Instagram @yorkshirestocktrader and I'll be more than happy to help, or if your a member DM me in the Private Members Group.

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